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Explore unique personalized products at  Core Creator

Let’s make your home and office best with Core Creators unique collection, quality and expertise. With an abundance of unique design styles, it can be daunting to decipher which style will work best for you. Shop with core creators to find the perfect gifts for your perfect occasion. We have a perfect destination for creative product collection of quality and affordable art & crafts supplies including simple creative gifts, top accessories for art and craft, business gifts, bromotional products & more.

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Resin Art Workshop For Beginners ( Kit Included)

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Resin Art Workshop For Beginners

Resin Art
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Personalize your space with core creator store

Explore unique personalized place for customized products at the core creator store. Make your home and office stunning with Core Creators’ home and office decor items, quality and expertise.

Let’s give life to your workspace

Core creators have a board of office décor designs such as office tables, office furniture, desk accessories, and printer accessories.  

Let’s give life to your workspace

Core creators have a collection of home décor products that is carefully designed to please every taste.
Shop with core creators to find the perfect gifts for your perfect one. We have a perfect place for customized products that offer quality and affordable art & crafts supplies including creative gifts, business gifts, and promotional products like personalized mosaic photomosaic mosaic photos with frames, resin alphabet keychains, designer whiteboards with wooden frames, wooden stands & many more. 


Yes, Core creators have begun producing personalized products for the customer as demand for personalized or customized products is at an all-time high.

Cleaning the home décor items varies from one another. Weekly twice u need to wipe out the dust or else it will diminish the beauty of your décor items

There are a lot of products used for home décor like wood, stone, metal, fur, faux, ceramic etc these gives a good finishing and are best fit for your vision.

Epoxies are used as glues and adhesives to make laminated wood. Check Core Creator Epoxy Resin style for Customization.

Acetone can be effective on wood or concrete surfaces it should loosen the epoxy, so you can peel it away easily.

As far as food contact is concerned, we did not claim that epoxy resing is safe for food.